Are You the Father?

Establishing paternity is a very common issue for possible fathers who are not in a relationship with their ex. Paternity testing is the use of genetic fingerprinting to find out whether two individuals are, indeed, the biological parents of a child.

Why Get a Paternity Test:

1. If you are not on the birth certificate and you believe you are the father

2. Your ex is filing for Child Support and you believe you are not the father

3. If you are a possible father and want to establish visitation with a child you believe is yours.

4. Your girlfriend or wife has had a child and you believe she has had sexual relations with another man.

How to Get a Paternity or DNA Test

1. Decide whether you would like to go through the court system to have a court ordered paternity test or if you would like to do it privately with the mother for your personal knowledge.

2. Locate a local establishment that offers paternity testing. You can start by asking your family doctor if they offer them or if he or she can refer you to an organization that can. In many cases, paternity tests should be court ordered and typically you will be provided with a number of laboratories that can perform the test.

3. Contact all parties involved in your situation. This should include the mother, the child in question and all parties that could possibly be the father. In cases where it is a court ordered paternity test, there typically will be only one father taking the test.

4. Have one of the two typical methods of DNA tests performed; either a cotton swab from the inside of the cheek or a blood test.

5. After the test is performed it should take less than a week for the facility to receive the results. It’s important to remember that a DNA paternity test is more than 99.9% accurate.

6. Depending on the results, you might want to move forward by taking legal action through your local courts and start building a relationship with your child.


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