Taking Care of Loved Ones

Conservatorship or Adult Guardianship is used when an adult, who is unable to take care of themselves, needs a conservator to control the many different aspects of their life. These types of orders can be implemented with or without the consent of the “protected person” depending on the circumstances of the case and whether the courts find it in the best interest of their life. Determining whether an adult needs a conservator is a very complicated lengthy process that, in most cases, requires the professional help of a private attorney or a specific pro-se program.

Common Cases of Conservatorship

A mentally challenged child is turning 18, thus in most cases a Conservatorship is required.

A family member is physically and mentally incapacitated and needs assistance in many aspects of their life.

A family member develops dementia or Alzheimer’s and is unable to reasonably care for themselves or regularly complete the regular activities of daily living (often referred to as ADLs).

In Conservatorship or Adult Guardianship cases, it is common for individuals to find complication with the legal processes that one must go through in order to establish Conservatorship. For this reason, many choose to employ the assistance of an attorney who specializes in Conservatorship and Adult Guardianship cases, as the processes can be explained and handled with much more swiftness than one might find when attempting to learn the procedures and navigate through the legal processes themselves. A skilled attorney can make the legal process of seeking conservatorship or adult guardianship much simpler.


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