Child Visitation

Spending Time with Your Children

A father’s right to visitation can be the most fundamental aspect of how a father begins to build a relationship with his child. In many cases, the only reason a father does not have court ordered visitation is because they have failed to go through the necessary legal steps. Typically, the goal of a father is to petition the court for visitation and eventually get in front of a judge who has the ability to grant a court order.

Most Common Visitation Issues

- The mother does not allow me to see my child.

-I have a custody order but the mother does not follow it.

-The custody order I have does not reflect my current situation.

- I am an out of state father who wants visitation.

Visitation Is a Right

Every state has laws and specific statutes that protect the rights of parents. These rights must be proactively enforced by taking legal action.

Factors that can influence a Visitation Order

- Distance from Child

- A Father’s Criminal History

- The Stability of the Home environment

- The wishes of a child (Age & State Dependent)

Fathers do still have the right to see their children, unless these rights have been previously removed by the courts. Even in many of those instances, it is still possible for the father to get legal assistance and win back some of his rights, including his right to visit his child or children. If being able to see his child or children is a father’s goal, there are options available that may be granted immediately, such as supervised visitation or timed partially supervised visitation at a predetermined, secure location.


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