Child Custody

Your Right as a Father

Custody is the legal relationship between a child and their parents in regards to decisions and parental responsibilities for the care of the child. Typically custody is established in order to resolve disputes of residency and contact in accordance with what the courts believe is in the best interest of the child.

Types of Custody

Sole Custody is a legal arrangement awarded by the courts whereby physical and legal custody of a child is awarded to one parent.

Joint Custody is a legal arrangement awarded by the courts whereby physical and legal custody is shared by both parents.

In many cases the courts award a combination of the types of custody available. For instance, if a parent is given sole physical and joint legal custody, this establishes one party as the custodial parent and gives both parents decision making power in their child’s life. The courts establish custody arrangements based upon the best interest of the child. This is determined by information provided to the courts in the form of motions, petitions, declarations and discoveries.

Reasons to Get Custody

1. You are not married to the other parent of your child.

2. The other party involved is not allowing you to see your child.

3. You would like to claim your child on your taxes.

4. There are issues with your current arrangement and you would like the peace of mind of having the state watch over your family law situation.

5. The other parent is planning on leaving the state.

Many other reasons exist for wanting to get custody, and these reasons will obviously vary by case, as will the court’s decision.


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