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Welcome to National Fathers’ Rights, a Fathers’ Rights Informational Site. We are a nationwide family advocacy group that specializes in helping fathers enforce their rights as parents.

We understand that many fathers experience issues when pursuing their legal rights in family court. Our programs are designed to provide an affordable solution to many of the family law issues that fathers experience in our country.

Family Advocacy and Fathers’ Rights Programs

National Fathers’ Rights time tested programs can help resolve:
Custody Establishment or Modifications
Visitation Enforcement
Paternity Establishment
Child Support Modifications
Emergency Custody Orders
Restraining Orders

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Getting Help and Taking Action

If you are reading this, we assume you are looking for help, which is the first step in resolving your family legal situation. One of the first concepts we explain to fathers is that taking action is always going to create a result. The idea is to not waste time because, whatever resource you decide to use, whether a private attorney or a family advocacy program, they will need as much time as possible to help you.

Many just don’t realize that almost every legal option has a predetermined time limit to allow an individual to take action. In many cases, fathers have come to us for help, but have procrastinated to the point where there is nothing that we can do. To keep this from happening to you, contact a professional and begin the process of getting help today.

Making Good Choices for Your Family

It is always important to our organization to work with responsible fathers, who are dedicated to creating a healthy environment for their families. We understand that the decisions made by a father regarding his legal situation can have monumental effects on his children's lives. Our staff is trained to support fathers in these difficult times and help them to make educated decisions that are in the best interest of their families.


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Client Testimonial

Thanks to the help of my Case Manager and National Family Solutions, I was able to tip the scales in my favor in the midst of the custody battle for my son without retaining a lawyer.

Jeff S